About Us

Leaf and Jute Trading is a dynamic international business borne out of a strong tobacco heritage. With a diverse workforce we are committed to being a great employer and a good corporate citizen. We strive to be environmentally and socially responsible. And we proudly support the communities where we source tobacco and where our employees live and work. Our dedication to long term sustainability strategies touches every aspect of our Global Business.


As an international retailer with a complex supply chain we make a real effort to reduce our impact on the planet wherever we can. The work of Rangpur Leaf and Tobacco Limited’s environmental sustainability team covers many things; how raw materials are sourced, the environmental impact of manufacturing processes in factories, the efficiency of Rangpur Leaf and Tobacco Limited Group and commitment to recycle wherever possible. It all makes a difference.


At Rangpur Leaf and Tobacco Limited factories we are committed to make our products with good working conditions so that people are treated decently and paid a fair wage. Rangpur Leaf and Tobacco Limited work hand in hand in factories and local partners to deliver training and programmes that help factories address locally-relevant issues and needs.

Our standards of business conduct are an integral part of the group’s governance and together with our business principles, underpin our commitment to the high standards of our corporate responsibility. The standards apply to all group companies and employees and require high standards of behavior and integrity wherever our businesses operate. We are always here to ensure the best quality products to our valuable clients . We are committed to corporate transparency . Our company continues to go from strength to strength thanks to a successful strategy, talented people and better commitments.

Leaf and Jute

We physically grow, handle, process and market from Bangladesh and sell to customers all around the world. We can transport by see, rail and truck storing and delivering merchandise to the time, quality and specification according to our customers needs.
We earned a huge reputation almost all over the world in a very short time and became a leading exporter of Jute Goods and Tobacco with the help of a skilled and experienced management staff.
Less Profit more business is the chief motto of the company. Honesty and Sincerity is the capital of the company.
Customer’s satisfaction is given top priority by the company. During production company personnel supervise the mills and factorie to ensure the quality. Besides that inspection by any third-party is done before shipment. The company has earned a great reputation for quick shipment.