We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of jute. Leaf and Jute Trading is committed to the development of jute products and eco friendly services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future.
We are Bangladesh manufacturer & exporters of various kinds of Jute products and raw Jute that are not only eco-friendly but also low cost. With growing environmental awareness, jute which is bio-degradable, has become the preferred alternative to polluting synthetic bags.Jute is considered to be the second most important natural fibre after cotton in terms of cultivation and usage. It is mainly grown in eastern Bangladesh .As plastic & polythene bags are becoming a global problem, every one wishes to use greener alternatives. The wholesale price of our jute products and raw jutes are most competitive, as the main-raw materials are locally available.

Our Commitment

We are committed to ensure that we do not employ child labor in our factories, no workers are forced to work and employees are paid living wages. No discrimination is practiced, working environment is safe and hygienic and regular employment is provided.Our Eco-Friendly Jute Products are Reusable, Biodegradable and 100% Eco Friendly. It is also Organic and Carbon free. If you love your nature and help to save our beloved environment, you will must use our Eco-Friendly Jute again and again and again.
All of our Eco-friendly Promotional Jute Sustainable Products are great for promotion your company made make a great trade show bags. All of our Jute Made Products are made in our factory and our quality control is the best out there, we strive to bring you quality and all of our Natural Organic Jute Products. We’re always happy to develop any products to meet our client essentiality. .

Our Mission

Rangpur Leaf and Tobacco Limited’s’ Jute is a full service vendor with strong vertically integrated production facilities as well as creative & analytical capabilities which clearly sets us apart from most other Asian vendors.

100% eco-friendly

The jute yarn we obtain is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. With that in mind, we make sure the production processes we follow and our final products are 100% eco-friendly. When more trees are saved then lots of problems can be solved, like, loss of fertile soil due to soil erosion because of low soil retention capacity, floods, rain imbalance, soil fertility, global warming, climatic imbalance, shrinking habitat of wild animals and many more.

Fiber Resources

The use of bio-fiber composites for automotive components is a phenomenon that has appeared and developed only during the last few years. Jute is mainly imported from Bangladesh Exports of jute and jute products from Bangladesh this fiscal year crossed a record billion dollars as demand for the natural fiber is steadily increasing.

Categories of Bangladeshi Jute

  1. Bangladeshi Mesta / White Shuti: Bangladeshi Mesta/White Shuti, the brightest colour Jute than the other two categories and as well as the strength of this kind of jute is very much good. Internationally it is known as Bangladeshi Mesta.

  2. Mesta / Kenaf: Mesta is a bright colour Jute and it’s known as Kenaf. There is no botanically difference between Mesta and Kenaf. Internationally this jute is recognised by both name. The strength of this kind of jute is very good but not more than the Bangladeshi Mesta / White Shuti.

  3. Tossa: Tossa is a goldish colour Jute. Tossa jute fibre is softer, silkier and stronger than white jute. Tossa jute has huge demand for industrial uses. Tossa jute has good sustainability in the climate. Tossa is also known as the top quality jute from Bangladesh.

Type of Raw Jute

  1. Cut to Length: Cut to Length is the primary form of jute. It is non-processed jute. Buyer takes the whole jute or in their required size for their product.

  2. Carded Cut: Carded Cut Jute is re-fine or processed jute. It’s treated by oil and water and kept in blowing form in a role. It’s also cut into different sizes depending on the buyer requirement.

Grades of Jute Fiber

Mesta / Kenaf:

  1. Cut to Length: 1. Grade-B 2. Grade-C 3. OMC

  2. Carded Cut : 1. Grade-B 2. Grade-C 3. OMC


  1. Cut to Length: 1. Grade-A 2. Grade-B 3. Grade-C 4. OMC

  2. Carded Cut : 1. Grade-B 2. Grade-C 3. OMC

Cars use Bangladesh jute

Bangladesh has the potential to become the main supplier of jute to the global car industry. The industry needs about 1,00,000 tons of jute a year, of which 12,000 tons come from Bangladesh. The car industry uses the natural fiber to manufacture the interiors of vehicles. Previously, the car industry used glass fiber to manufacture the interiors. But glass fiber is not recyclable or biodegradable, so in 1994 the search for a green alternative began. Jute emerged as the frontrunner. Bangladesh started supplying jute to high-end car brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Audi in the early 2000s. The country’s jute is much admired for its high fiber quality. The use of the natural jute fiber from Bangladesh by global car brands has helped in diversification of jute products. As a result, Bangladesh has the potential to export jute and jute goods worth almost seven billion dollars annually in the next seven years.

Our Jute Products

  • Jute Bag: We have worked to source inexpensive, re-usable and customisable jute bags. We deliver the best and high quality jute bags to our clients. We offer various sizes, designs and colours. Jute bags are increasingly becoming very popular due to their stylish designs and natural appeal. These bags are manufactured from jute. Jute is a soft, shiny and long natural fibre. It is a type of cellulose, which is extracted from the plants. It does not produce any toxic substance when mixed with air, soil or water. The natural fibre can be spun into coarse, unrefined and strong threads. Today, advance processing techniques are used for producing finer version of jute, known as burlap or hessian.

  • Jute Hessian Bag: Jute Hessian Bags are an environment friendly option for storing (Various agricultural products) which is made by using hessian cloth. Plain are totally bio-degradable and easily blend with the environment. Chemical Treated are made rot proof to withstand with moisture and sun, for a longer period of time. Custom printed.

  • Jute Sacking Bag: We are able to apply many type of Jute sacks as per buyer’s requirement but most commonly used jute sacks are Standard B Twill sack, Binola Twill sack, L Twill Sack, Heavy cees sack, Light cees sack, A Twill sack, DW Flour sack etc. Most commonly used jute sacks size is available here. But buyer can order various sizes according to their packaging requirement. Jute sack bag is the most popular hydrocarbon free or Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT) and environment friendly packaging solution for agricultural industries. This jute sack bag specially made for agro based industries and has no contamination with hydrocarbon and free from kerosene and petroleum oil. This jute sack bag also popular as jute burlap bag/ Gunny bag etc.

  • Jute Yarn/Twine: It is a material which is spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, jute yarns have single or multiple ply. It is usually bleached, dyed, processed to serve various purposes. We supply the finest quality of jute yarn in single and double ply, CB, CRM, CRT grade ranging from 4 lbs to 72 lbs. Our yarns have the durability, are Eco-friendly, have high tensile strength and above all cost effective.

  • Jute Geo Textile: Jute Geo-textile can have several applications as: soil erosion control, vegetation consolidation, agro-mulching, reinforcement and protection of riverbanks & embankments, land reclamation and in road pavement construction. Hydro-carbon free jute is now being considered as the preferred Geo-textile in road construction, river bank protection, landslide control, shallow land recovery, railway slope protection and much more. This is Eco-friendly and economical. Bdgoldenjute.com is Bangladesh’s leading supplier of Jute Geo-textile all over the world.

  • Jute Webbing
  • Jute Fabric
  • Jute Carpet Backing Cloth
  • Jute Tarpaulin
  • Jute Canvas Cloth
  • Geo Jute
  • Jute Carpet Backing Cloth
  • Jute Cushion & Curtain
  • Jute Wall Mat & Table Cloth
  • Jute Toys & Show-pieces
  • Jute Rug
  • Jute Mat
  • Jute Felt
  • Jute Tape
  • Jute Rope